Our organization plays a true lever role in the international atractiveness on the territory and finds itself at the crossroads of multiple target audiences:

  • Scientists and students using our services (around 4500 per year)
  • Furnished housing owners (for up to 1500 residents) and hotel residences
  • The team of officers and managers in charge of international scientific reception in schools, higher education institutions, businesses, and start-ups
  • Territorial communities, administrations and social contributors.


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What's it like living as an expat in Essonne?

Essonne Info (web), February 16, 2020


“If Paris is THE French city that attracts the most foreign talent and expatriates, Essonne is not to be outdone. Taking advantage of its proximity to the frenzy of the capital, the department has become an attractive territory for thousands of expatriates. Who are these foreigners who have chosen Essonne to live their expat life? How are they accompanied when they arrive in the department? “

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Science Accueil is a key supporter of research in the Paris region

Genopole magazine: Forum, June 2018

“Science Accueil is a key supporter of research in the Paris region. Since its creation, Science Accueil has supported nearly 25,000 researchers of 132 nationalities!”

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How does Paris-Saclay attract foreign talent?

Les Echos Businesses and communities (written press), April 18, 2018

By Alain Piffaretti

“To bring foreign students, researchers and teachers to the Saclay plateau, an association facilitates their administrative procedures and integration, through a multiservice platform: very innovative. Discovery…”

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Our “Journal d’Alister” comes out from twice to four times a year and allows our readers to follow the news of Science Accueil and its partners.

Other than going over all the activities of the trimester, our journal also gives a good overview of the upcoming news of Science Accueil.

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