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Our organization plays a real role as a lever for the international attractiveness of the territory and is at the crossroads of multiple audiences:

  • Scientists and students using our services (3500 to 4000 / year)
  • Owners of furnished accommodation (up to 1500 inhabitants) and hotel residences
  • Management teams or those in charge of welcoming international scientists in schools, higher education institutions, companies and start-ups.
  • Local authorities, administrations and social actors



Operation Student Solidarity - O.S.E.

Fresh organic radishes from the Loiret region, cheeses and syrups from the Chevreuse valley, and organic apple juice delighted the taste buds of students from the Moulon plateau who came from France and elsewhere.

On Friday, May 21, 2021, all the students of the neighboring establishments were invited to a meeting around a good-food buffet with local accents, including those in great precariousness to whom O.S.E. is addressed.

This “Operation Student Solidarity” was launched by Science Accueil in April 2021 with the support of the Carrefour Foundation in order to help students in financial or psychological difficulty due to the health crisis: loss or unsuccessful search for a student job, postponement of internships, impact of the crisis on the time it takes to obtain certain papers, isolation, blues, psychological distress.

Science Accueil was very keen to participate in the general solidarity movement, and, thanks to the support of the Carrefour Foundation, has set up this initiative until the summer, which will allow the distribution of more than 150 solidarity vouchers to the most needy students, after examination of their request by a committee.

In addition to the financial aid provided, four psychology interns have been recruited for an original approach: to offer students “peer-to-peer” exchanges to break the isolation, initiate dialogue and eventually start care in the form of interviews, under the supervision of a senior psychologist.

Identifiable by their green Science Accueil t-shirts, these future psychologists travel around the plateau and its institutions to engage in dialogue with students.

Science Accueil Christmas menu

On Wednesday, December 23, Science Accueil organized the operation “Christmas menu” to allow the international scientists to have a sweeter Christmas despite the distance and isolation caused by the health situation.

Hot chocolate, apple juice, mulled wine, gingerbread, buns and hot chestnuts as well as a gourmet gift with local products were shared with the participants.

The “Christmas menu” was supported by the University of Paris-Saclay, ENSTA-Paris, Onera, the Cesal residence, the association Ted, Paul et les autres, the online store Ecureuil saveurs, and many Science Accueil owners.

See the article written by Le Parisien on “Christmas menu” above. 

Science Accueil in the press

Print media
Visit of the Minister of Public Service

On Thursday, November 12, the Minister of the Civil Service visited the Guichet d’Accueil des Talents Etrangers (GATE).

She was welcomed by the 3 co-pilots of the GATE. Jean Bertsch, President of Science Accueil, gave her a presentation on how the system works and the profiles of its users.

Sophie Langrognet, Director of the Science Accueil development division, presented the support methods that GATE has put in place to reduce user travel, particularly the digital GATE. Bertsch added, “Our credo is that everything should be settled in two passes at most, to move students as little as possible, which is therefore COVID-compatible. To comply with health protocol, we now receive by appointment only, and we have opened a digital GATE accessible day and night.”

Madame Amélie Montchalin spoke with users. “I am reassured to see that the service is being maintained during this second lockdown,” Elhadji, a Senegalese student, told her.

The GATE will remain open until December 18. International students and researchers can come by appointment to take advantage of the services offered: residence permit, Science Accueil information point, CAF, CPAM, Pôle Emploi, RATP, CROUS.

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