Additional procedures


Please note that as a member of Science Accueil and hence, the EURAXESS FRANCE network, you can benefit from the offer of the insurance group Axa, especially negotiated by the FNAK for all the hosted researchers in France, including PhD students.

You will find the details of this offer on  the Fondation Alfred Kastler‘s website. To benefit from this coverage please contact Science Accueil.

Bank Account

If you are a PhD student, a researcher or scientist, and you need to open a bank account in the southern Ile-de-France, we suggest you take advantage of the offers specially negotiated by  Science Accueil for you with some banking partners located in Orsay, Gif-sur-Yvette, Palaiseau, Massy and Evry.

Be careful, for most of the procedures in France, including renting an accommodation, a bank account is compulsory. Science Accueil can help you with this particular point before your arrival. Please contact us if you are interested. 


French employers must declare their employees to the Social Security within 8 days after the beginning of the contract. This statement is essential, but you also need to go to the Social Security Center you depend on, which is determined by your personal address. This center is called “Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie” or CPAM. 

In fact, registering to the CPAM corresponds to a “registration”: the Social Security will give you a Social Security Number that will allow you to be reimbursed for you health expenses. This number is very important and is required for some other administrative procedures.

To find out the location of your CPAM center, you can refer to the official website of the Social Security:

Science Accueil can help you with those health procedures.

Children education

Kindergarten and Primary school

In order your children to go to a public school in France, they need beforehand to be registered to the educational service of the town hall of your place of residence:
You need to constitute a complete file to do so. It must be composed of:

  • The child’s passport
  • His birth certificate translated in French
  • A proof a address (lease, rent receipt less than three months old, or electricity bill less than three months old)
  • the health record of the child

The council will then indicate you the school your child depends on, which will be assigned according to your place of residence. Usually, children start going to kindergarden at the age of 3 and to elementary school at the age of 6.

From next September (school year 2018/2019), education will become compulsory for every kids that are 3 years old.

Middle and high school

For middle (from 11 years old) and high school, registrations have to be done at the “Rectorat”.

Beware : procedures may take several weeks, as children first need to have an interview and a test.

We strongly recommend that you get information and start the registration procedure before your arrival.

For a complete list of middle and high schools of southern Ile-de-France or for further general information about education, please visit the website of the Académie de Versailles or the Académie des Hauts-de-Seine.