The careers of international researchers and doctoral students and their spouses are also part of the concerns of Euraxess mobility centers.

Science Accueil offers its network of partners a platform to relay job offers or requests in the international mobility sector.

Science Accueil is recruiting

Would you like to join the Science Accueil team? At certain times of the year, we can offer internships, but also fixed-term or permanent positions.

You want to take a year off from your studies and open yourself to a new environment? We also offer positions in Service Civique.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us and send us your CV and cover letter by mail or drop them off at the reception.

International mobility consultant

Civic service
Science Accueil, Plateau de Moulon (91)

Application open all year

Statistics and IT internship

Science Accueil, Plateau de Moulon (91)

Updated on September 19th, 2023

Permanent contract

Permanent contract or work-study contract
Science Accueil Evry (91)

Updated on Septembre 19th, 2023

International mobility consultant

Permanent or work-study contract
Science Accueil Villejuif (94)

Updated on Septembre 19th, 2023

Our partners are recruiting

The most sportive event of 2024

Jobs for students

Updated on August 23rd, 2023

L'emploi des doctorants

Docteur à la recherche d’un emploi en France ou à l’étranger ? Le site de l’ABG est ce qu’il vous faut : des offres de postdoc, en R&D et hors R&D, la possibilité de déposer votre CV ! Et pour vous aider à valoriser vos compétences développées dans le cadre du doctorat, consultez