Euraxess service centers supports international doctoral students, researchers and their families with their mobility projects.

Science Accueil provides a job opportunities forum for its network of partners in the field of international mobility.

Science Accueil is hiring

Would you like to join Science Accueil’s team ? We often offer internships, mid-term, and long term jobs.

For further information, please contact us. You can send your resume and cover letter by e-mail or by giving it to us in person.

OUR PARTNERS are hiring

Market Studies Manager


Online since January 28, 2019

Legal and Administrative Monitoring Manager

Cité Internationale of Paris

Online since February 21, 2019

International Missions Manager


Online since January 28, 2019

General Accountant


Online since January 28, 2019

Academic Research Assistant Director


Online since September 11, 2018

International Communication Manager

Paris-Sud University

Online since September 07, 2018

Marketing Manager

ECLA campus, Palaiseau (91)

Online since May 09, 2019

PhD position

3-year PhD position
The Paris Brain Institute (ICM), Paris (75)

Online since June 17, 2020

PhD's job offers

Do you have a PhD and are you looking for a job in France or abroad?

If you are looking for positions in and out of R&D, postdocs, or the possibility to upload your resume, the ABG website is what you need !

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