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Renting to a “scientist” is an opportunity to create inter-generational and intercultural links while contributing to the attractiveness of our region by welcoming international talent.

Who are the tenants of Science Accueil?

Science Accueil is an internationally renowned association whose mission is to welcome and facilitate the installation of scientists from all countries who come to work in the universities, grandes écoles, research centers and companies of the Ile-de-France region.

We offer housing to teachers-researchers, researchers, post-doctoral fellows, doctoral students, trainees and employees of scientific institutions in this area.

The potential tenants recommended by Science Accueil come from universities all over the world (83% international). The preferred language of contact is therefore English.

Rental conditions

We propose to the scientists who request us, the offers of lodgings which are proposed to us by the adherent owners, for an annual membership of €80 for a renewal or €60 for the new members. The membership is valid for one year from date to date.

These accommodations are only furnished, from the room to the house, including all types of apartments.

The rental of these accommodations meets a certain number of legal obligations.

From now on, the  decree of July 31, 2015 du 31 juillet 2015 (n°2015-981) establishes the minimum list of furniture essential to the tenant to allow him to sleep, eat, live in the housing.

The accommodation must include at least the following amenities:

  •  Bedding including a comforter or blanket
  • A device for blocking out windows in rooms intended to be used as bedrooms
  • Cooking plates
  • An oven or microwave oven
  • A refrigerator and a freezer or, at least, a refrigerator with a compartment allowing a temperature lower or equal to -6°.
  • Dishes and cutlery for meals
  • A table and seats
  • Light fixtures
  • Storage shelves
  • Housekeeping equipment adapted to the characteristics of the dwelling

Depending on the type of accommodation, the room must contain everything necessary to accommodate your tenant(s) (e.g.: enough cutlery, enough tables and seats, bedding, etc.).

Find all the information on furnished accommodation on the Service Public website: Particuliers/Services publics

Homeowner’s insurance is not mandatory for landlords (but highly recommended), unless the property is located in a condominium.
The owner of a property, if he rents it, must keep it in good condition. During the entire duration of the lease, he must make the necessary repairs to maintain it in good condition (except for the rental repairs which are the responsibility of the tenant). He can therefore be held responsible if a disaster is due to a lack of maintenance or a construction defect.

For all information concerning the insurance, consult the page below:

Service public/Particuliers/Vos droits

The landlord may require the tenant to pay a security deposit to cover any failure to meet rental obligations (e.g., to pay rent and utilities or to make repairs).

The security deposit must be paid to the landlord at the time of signing the lease, directly by the tenant.

In case of cash payment, the tenant can ask the landlord, by any means, for a receipt specifying that the amount given is for the security deposit.

The security deposit must be returned within a maximum period of :

The time limit is assessed from the day the keys are returned by the tenant, who may hand them over :

  • in person to the lessor or to his representative (the real estate agent).
  • or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Any deduction from the security deposit must be justified by the lessor. The conditions for withholding the security deposit vary depending on whether or not the property is located in a condominium.


The lessor may withhold the amounts still owed from the security deposit, in particular

  • unpaid rent
  • unpaid charges
  • damage to the property


In the event of dispute on behalf of the tenant, it will have however to be able to justify the detention carried out by any means of proof:

  • check list inventory  of entry and exit
  • photos
  • bailiff’s report
  • invoices
  • quotation
  • letter of complaint of unpaid rents remained without answer

If the dwelling is located in a condominium, the security deposit is withheld under the same conditions.

However, the lessor proceeds to a provisional closing of accounts and may retain a maximum of 20% of the security deposit until the annual closing of accounts of the building.

Any document is likely to justify this provision, in particular:

  • inventory of fixtures on arrival and departure
  • photos
  • bailiff’s report
  • invoices
  • quotation
  • letter of complaint of unpaid rents remained without answer

The final adjustment and return of the balance (after deduction of the sums still owed to the lessor) must be made within one month of the final approval of the accounts of the building.

However, nothing prevents the parties from immediately settling all the accounts without waiting for the approval of the condominium’s accounts.

The landlord and the tenant establish a check out inventory, and they compare it with the one established at the entry.

The return of the security deposit

The same procedure must be followed for the inventory. When there is no damage, the owner returns the deposit immediately or within the time limit set in the contract.

If there is no damage, the landlord must be given notice by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. If this does not suffice, you will have to take the matter to the court of first instance of the place where the rented accommodation is located to obtain reimbursement.

The length of the notice period

The notice period is one month, including for student leases. This period runs :

  • from the day of receipt of the registered letter (the presentation of the letter to the landlord does not start the notice period!
  • from the date of service of the bailiff’s document.
  • from the date of handing over the letter against a receipt or a certificate of attendance.

The period is calculated from date to date. In other words, any month started is not due! For example, if the notice period starts on May 10, it will end on June 9 inclusive.

A leave of absence sent electronically to the following address is not validated:

Payment of rent and charges during the notice period

When the tenant gives notice, he or she is liable for the rent and charges during the entire notice period, even if he or she leaves the premises prematurely. This means that during the notice period, the rent and charges remain due even if the landlord accepts the keys and, for example, carries out work in the apartment. Only the re-rental of the apartment during the notice period puts an end to the outgoing tenant’s obligation to pay: in this case, the outgoing tenant pays the rent and charges until the re-rental. This legal rule is imperative! The tenant is therefore obliged to pay the rent and charges during the notice period and cannot compensate the last month(s) of rent and charges with the amount of the security deposit.

General terms and conditions

  • According to the legislation, the lease cannot exceed 12 months, but it is renewable by tacit agreement.
  • The notice period for the tenant’s departure will be one month, in accordance with custom.
  • Systematically check that your tenant has a multi-risk home insurance policy (for the rental of an independent dwelling) or a civil liability insurance policy (for the rental of a room). Ask them to present you with a certificate upon arrival.


If your tenant doesn’t know who to contact, don’t hesitate to direct him/her to our services, we have specially negotiated agreements with insurers for foreign researchers. We can also help them to open a bank account and accompany them in all their administrative procedures.

  • Deposit: it is strongly recommended but it must be adapted to the duration of the stay
  • Reservation: this is a sum representing 10% to 30% maximum of the rent, which you ask the future tenant when he/she wishes to reserve your accommodation. If the payment is by check, it will not be cashed before the tenant’s arrival. It can then be deducted from the first rent or returned in exchange for the rent and the security deposit.  Reservations are strongly recommended to avoid last minute cancellations.

Your involvement with Science Accueil

How to offer your accommodation

Once your membership is registered in our database, A PERSONAL AREA IS DEDICATED TO YOU. You will find your home description, your photos, your membership receipt, Science Accueil activities and events. 


By becoming a member of Science Accueil, you can become a member of the owners’ college.

Associated services

Beginning in September 2020, new services related to the Housing cluster will be available:

drafting of leases,
the check in inventory,
the check out inventory.

What we offer

Nos offres

  • The drafting of the lease
    -Check in inventory on arrival
    -Handing over of the keys against home insurance, payment of the first rent, payment of the deposit
    -Check out inventory at the end of the rental period
    -Taking back the keys

Each of these services is provided at an unbeatable price!
Introductory price: 50 euros 

To benefit from these provisions, please contact the Housing division: [email protected] or 01 70 26 41 40

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