Cultural Visits

Our cultural program for 2019 : “L’art de vivre à la française”.

Through an enchanting itinerary, discover the famous “French art of living” with  hands-on visits (create your own perfume, learn how to make chocolate, painting workshop near Monet’s house…).

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Parisian Breweries – The Art of Perfume – The Equestrian Artse at the Chantilly Castle – The Art of chocolate – France of the Kings in Versailles – Impressionnist Art – The Art of Fashion – The Art of the Table & Champagne

Fares and General Terms and Conditions

These visits are planned with a minimum amount of participants in mind. The payment must be made at the reservation.

You can enjoy a special fare if you meet certain criteria.

Past Visits

Impressionist Art - Saturday June 15, 2019

Do you know about this Impressionism symbolic place? Giverny, 1 hour away from Paris, was the home of the “Nyphéas” painter, Claude Monet.

In the morning, we visited the extraordinary gardens of the house of Claude Monet, arranged like one of the painter’s own canvases, his house and his painting studio. The visit was in English.

In the afternoon, we made our own work of art with pastel and watercolor, during an indoor and outdoor workshop, guided by professionals, members of the AVF of Vernon.

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France of the Kings – Saturday May 11, 2019

Versailles – Meet Greet & Eat

Saturday May 11, around 20 scientists of 13 nationalities were welcomed in the beautiful Versailles City Hall by the Mayor, François de Mazières, and his deputy in charge of associations, Sylvie Piganeau. In the morning, the association of the AVF of Versailles organized a visit of the old district. Members of this association then opened the doors of their home for a lunch invitation.

In the afternoon, the group met for a visit of the Palace of Versaille: public reception rooms (play rooms, dance halls, hall of mirrors), the King’s rooms, and the Queen’s bedroom which was just renovated.

The day ended after crossing the musical gardens, with a tea degustation in an art-deco bar in the center of the parc.

The Art of Chocolate – Saturday April 13, 2019

A delicious day !

Starting with the visit of a Chocolate Museum, we discovered chocolate origins and history, from the tropical forest of Amazonia and through the European royalty era.

We then made our own chocolates under the guidance of a professional chocolate-maker, all the while learning the secrets of fabrication.

To top it all off, we tasted the association of wines and chocolates of the highest quality with an expert in the subject. We left this visit with our stomachs full!

The art of riding at Chantilly- Sunday March 31st 2019
During this visit, we visited the Chantilly castle, its exceptional collections, its royal stables, and a magical equestrian show:

– Departure by coach bus from Orsay or Pont de Sèvres, 

– Visit of the Castle (former property of the last King of France’s son), in which we can find the 2nd largest collection of ancient paintings after the Louvre (Raphaël, Ingres, Poussin, Botticcelli, Corot…) and the reading room, which contains thousands of rare and precious books and unique manuscripts.

– Stroll in the domain’s gardens : Anglo-Chinese gardens, Le Nôtre’s favorite French garden …

– A magical equestrian show in the theater of Europe’s largest stable 

– Waffle with Chantilly whipped cream!

The Art of Perfume

One elegant afternoon for this visit of delicate fragrances!

An immersion in an elegant perfume museum allowed us to learn perfume manufacturing and history secrets, to put our noses to the test, and to be initiated to the different ways of wearing perfume. “Follow me Monsieur”!

After a small trip to a Haussmanien-style appartment with a private chauffeur, Marina, a professional “nose”, taught participants how to create the perfume of their dream. They left with a 50 ml bottle in a velvet box, et many memories in their mind … and nose !

Parisian Breweries

Breweries in Paris are just like coffee shops in Vienna : friendly places to meet people in a  majestic setting, a testimony of history. We discovered the mytical Paris of Sarah Bernhardt, of Haussmann, of malls, of famous writers, of intrigues, of hidden meeting spots, often inspired by the Art Nouveau of the Belle époque.

In this visit :

We met in a very old brewery and , right from the start of the visit, dived into the Grand Paris. We traveled through the hidden paths of historical Paris and  ended with a snack in one of the most beautiful one of them.

Paris by night

Evening visit of December 09, 2017

During an evening tour of the center of Paris and in a friendly athmosphere, participants had the opportunity to learn more not only about the main monuments of Paris, but also the French Holiday traditions in the many Christmas markets. Key point of the night: the warm wine shared at the St. Germain-des-Prés square.

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Champagne tasting at Dokhan's bar

An evening outing on Saturday March 10, 2018

A prestigious evening in a refined setting: the Champagne bar “Dokhan’s bar”. Throughout this “secret” visit of the season, a sommelier showed the participants how this noble drink is manufactured through the tasting of 3 chosen Champagne flutes.

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Versailles visit of the city and Palace

Saturday March 24, 2018

A visit with our partners: the AVF of Versailles. The day started with a visit of the old district guided by Versailles residents. We then had an invitation to have lunch in a local family’s home, a part of our Meet Greet and Eat program. Finally, we visited the Versailles Palace with our guide Marjorie. The afternoon ended with a cup of tea in the Art Déco teahouse located in the heart of the Versailles gardens.

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Visit of the Paris bridges

Saturday April 14th, 2018

We were a small but pleasant group for our annual visit of the Paris bridges. We discovered or rediscovered the history of each bridge, from the famous  Alexandre III bridge to the “Pont-Neuf”, leading to the Vert Galant square, the key point of our walk.
The morning was followed by an improvised lunch in in the friendly and rustic restaurant of a XVII century lodge.

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Ile de la Cité and Marais district Visit

On May 26 2018, we wandered through the Ile de la Cité and the Marais district. We were able to appreciate both Parisian hidden spots and tourist attractions. This was quite the historical walk with our guide, Hedwige.

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Chevreuse and the Castle of Breteuil

The last visit of the year was a success, with the combination of  a morning visit of the typical village of Chevreuse (going back in time to the middle ages along the streets, streaks of water, and fortified castle), and an afternoon visit of the beautiful castle of Breteuil, welcomed by the Marquis and the Comte de Breteuil.

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