Scientist, landlords and institutions comments

Fuhui S
étudiante à l’université Paris-Saclay
Words are powerless to express my gratitude for you and Science Accueil. Thank you so much for evering.
Iryna Sabat (Chaplia)
I am a PhD student at Nova SBE in Lisbon, Portugal, but I am partially based in Paris, since my husband is the researcher at ICSN CNRS. He is taking the French course from Science Accueil for the 2nd semester now. We will continue taking the next level course next semester together, since the courses are very effective and well-organized.
Eileen, from China
In the very beginning, I wasn’t expecting that I would get so much help from an NGO, maybe just some answers to my questions. After experiencing the whole process, I realized how useful those guidance that you gave me is.

Move easier with Science Accueil !

Science Accueil accompagne la mobilité entrante des scientifiques internationaux.

Aider les scientifiques à se repérer dans le dédale des démarches administratives, à trouver un logement, apprendre le français, créer des liens avec les habitants, faire des découvertes culturelles, afin qu’ils se sentent attendus, accueillis, appréciés… tel est l’esprit Science Accueil.