How do you register?

  • You must complete the online registration form which will help us determine the best group for your needs. By filling out the form you are making a non-binding pre-registration. In order for your request to be considered, you must fill out the two forms offered in the online registration.
  • After your pre-registration : in order to confirm the level of the group you will be able to join, you will receive an e-mail back with a link to an online written test. This is mandatory to enroll one of our courses, except if you have recently followed a Science Accueil course.
  • As a check, you can also complete these tests, and send us the results (facultative).
  • Once you we have the results to these tests, you will receive all the information about our courses and the payment methods that will allow you to validate your registration.
  • We invite you to read our rules of procedure:

That’s a lot of information to fill in, but rest assured that we respect your privacy in all circumstances: