Becoming a member institution

If you wish to provide your contributors, researchers, doctoral students, interns, students, and beneficiaries free support and guidance in their installation procedures and in their linguistic and cultural discovery of our country, you can become a member institution of Science Accueil.

Science Accueil, a lever for our territory

Science Accueil is the product of a visionary, Robert Trimbach (1922 – 2010), who was Gif-sur-Yvette’s Mayor for 49 years and President of the Saclay Plateau Urban Community. He was able to gather the key players in international mobility to create one of the first shared services for research and higher education institutions in the South of Ile-de-France: Science Accueil.

On one hand, each institution has a “Welcome Office”,  or an International Relations desk. On the other hand, Science Accueil offers a set of cross-functional services to all institutions: knowledge, insights, skills, and good practices regarding international reception.

Some of our many attributes are: a multilingual team experienced in welcoming internationals, the knowledge in legal procedures, a real estate of around 4000 homes, French cultural visits, French language classes, and gracious hospitality.

Located in Orsay, on the Saclay Plateau, in Evry, in Massy, and soon in the Versailles Grand-Parc sector, Science Accueil offers sustainable, quality support in link with a remarkable network of institutional, economical, political, commercial, cultural, and associative partners.

Gif-sur-Yvette's Mayor from 1959 to 2001
``We cannot imagine a high-level scientific department without an international perspective. To sustain this international nature, the first rule is to be welcoming to foreigners, and other than just housing, to never forget the administrative, financial, domestic, and leisure elements``.

Incoming mobility support

Science Accueil’s membership model is very simple: institutions, businesses, and universities subscribe to Science Accueil annually. This membership allows all staff members to freely benefit from Science Accueil’s database and support services, on behalf of their institution.

Furthermore, some linguistic and cultural discovery programs can require a small individual contribution.

For a modest cost in regard to the amount of people accompanied, Science Accueil offers constant follow-ups for institutions and research centers. While the job of an “international mobility officer” does not yet exist within some professional branches, Science Accueil has created mobility hospitality in the scientific field.

How to become a member

Do you want Science Accueil to present its organization and its services to your institution? Or are you already informed and wish to get a membership cost estimate for your institution? Contact us!