Learning french

French as foreign language (FLE)

French language is spoken in more than 30 countries around the world. Learning to speak in Molière’s language is not so hard, but writing it is a little bit more. Indeed, how you pronounce the words does not always correspond to how you write them.

Just dive into it ! Your mistakes will be taken with a smile and you will get a lot of encouragements from the other ones.

The formulas we offer

The courses we offer happen in small groups and are based on immersion inside French environment in a relaxed atmosphere, helping you to speak easily.

Two series of sessions exists: from October to February and from the beginning of March to the beginning of July.

Different levels are offered, but not only : we also offer à la carte courses. They are onsite courses in groups, individual courses, coaching related to a determined professional theme, or family courses, following a specific request from scientific institutions.

Our teachers are all French as Foreign Language graduated.

Regular courses

We can offer you 4 different formulas, with an allocation into coherent groups following an interview with the teachers:

  • Beginning level: you just arrived in France and don’t speak French at all.
  • False-beginning level: you have notions and would like to take confidence in oral speaking.
  • Intermediary level: you are able to deal with basic French and would like to increase your level.
  • Advanced level: you know quite well French language and are wishing to be more fluent.
  • Family groups: if you want to be taught French language in a playful way, with 2 people minimum per family (one parent and one kid).

Our courses are opened to all the scientists in occupational mobility (from students to researchers) and their family.

“A la carte” courses

We also offer A la carte courses.

If you or your Institution have a special request:

  • Individual home-based courses,
  • Onsite group courses institution-based, with a regular time-schedule or upon request.
  • Special coaching to prepare an interview, a presentation or create a resume.