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French course registrations are now open!

Learning to converse in the language of Molière isn’t so challenging! Our recipe? Welcoming you into small groups (8-10 participants) in a friendly environment, guided by instructors trained in teaching French as a Foreign Language, and providing ample opportunities for practice, training, situational learning, and celebrating the French language.

Our courses are organized for all scientists (from students to researchers) and their families.

french as a foreign language (FFL)

French is spoken in more than 30 countries around the world. Learning to converse in the language of Molière isn’t too challenging, but writing it can be more complex since pronunciation doesn’t always match the spelling of words.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try; errors in noun genders or pronunciation will often be met with a smile and encouragement from most conversation partners.

Science Accueil offers three course options:

  • Semester-long courses for regular and sustained learning.
  • Semi-intensive workshops for intensive and faster learning, typically held during the summer.
  • Customized courses at your own pace.

Semester formula

Our courses take place in small groups and are based on the immersion principle within the environment, fostering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that encourages speaking and practicing conversational French. Additionally, students continue their French practice with homework exercises.

We offer two sets of sessions: from early October to February and from early March to early July.

Various proficiency levels are available, as well as customized options, including on-site group classes upon request from scientific institutions, individual home-based lessons, or coaching for specific professional themes, including family courses.

All our instructors are experienced and certified teachers of French as a Foreign Language.

Level of the courses

We offer 5 levels or options that cater to progressive proficiency levels, determined through discussions with our instructors:

  • Beginner Level: For those who have just arrived in France and have little to no knowledge of the French language.
  • False-Beginner Level: Designed for individuals with some basic knowledge of French who wish to build confidence in speaking.
  • Pre-Intermediate Level: Suitable for those with a basic grasp of French who aim to deepen their understanding.
  • Intermediate Level: Geared towards individuals who can express their ideas clearly and in detail but want to enhance their conversational fluency.
  • Advanced Level: Intended for those with a strong command of French who seek to refine their skills in the language of Molière.

Summer training program (FFL)

ake the most of your summer to enhance your French skills: Science Accueil offers French as a Foreign Language (FLE) workshops in July.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Evening classes in small groups, mainly online.
  • Immersive in-person classes.
  • Additional weekend activities, including cultural events and social gatherings, concluding with a session-ending celebration.

Tailored courses

We also offer customized courses to meet your specific needs:

  • Individual Home-Based Lessons: One-on-one lessons conducted at your home.
  • On-Site Group Classes: Tailored for groups organized by your institution, with regular schedules or by appointment.
  • Specialized Coaching: Designed to prepare you for presentations, interviews, or to assist in CV writing.
  • Family Courses: A fun and interactive way to learn French, with a minimum of 2 participants per family, including parents and/or children.


« Je viens d’une petite ville de Toscane. S’installer dans une ville comme Paris n’est pas facile : tout est nouveau, différent, dans une langue que je ne comprends pas encore complètement… Cependant, grâce à Science Accueil, j’ai retrouvé, de manière très inattendue, un vieil ami de ma ville natale que j’avais perdu de vue.  J’aime les mathématiques et les probabilités : il me fait sourire de penser que dans une ville comme Paris, avec des millions de personnes qui vont et viennent, je me suis retrouvé dans le même cours de français qu’un garçon avec qui j’ai passé une partie importante de mon adolescence  à jouer au tennis (bien que toujours avec de mauvais résultats…). Maintenant, nous pouvons recommencer à jouer au tennis ensemble et, toujours grâce à science accueil, nous pouvons même commander un café au bar en français ! »
De Francesco MAZZONCINI 

« I am a PhD student at Nova SBE in Lisbon, Portugal, but I am partially based in Paris, since my husband is the researcher at ICSN CNRS. He is taking the French course from Science Accueil for the 2nd semester now. We will continue taking the next level course next semester together, since the courses are very effective and well-organized. »


Iryna Sabat (Chaplia)

“Je souhaitais vous remercier de cet atelier, je l’ai beaucoup apprécié et j’ai trouvé ce temps très bénéfique pour moi. (…) merci beaucoup.”
Enayat Abuismail