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Regarding your train tickets, we advise you to go to a ticket office in a RATP or SNCF agency. There are various options depending on your status and your length of stay to let you travel around Ile-de-France.

  • RATP  (Parisian train network)
    Information :
    Tel : 34 24
  • SNCF (National train network)
    Information :
    Tel : 36 35
  • Navigo (membership card for Parisian network)
    Information :
    Tel : 09 69 39 22 22
  • Vianavigo  (to find out a train or a bus route)
    Information :
    Tel : 01 60 79 52 32
  • SAVAC (South Ile-de-France buses)
    Information :
    Tel : 01 30 52 88 20
  • Phébus (public network in and around Versailles)
    Information :
    Tel : 01 39 20 16 20

We can advise you reliable cab companies with English-speaking drivers. Please contact us for any information.

If you need any information about air transports, you can get information from Orly Airport or Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport which both belong to Aéroports de Paris Company.

Internet and mobile phone subscription

There are different phone operators. The main ones are Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free. You can compare them before choosing.

In order to know more about your rights regarding telephony, please click here.

Postal services

In France, postal services are provided by a national company : La Poste. You can find some Post Offices in most of the town and cities in France.

La Poste offers delivery services for mail and packages, but not only. It also offers bank services and some other ones.

The rates vary according to the weight of the letter or package and according to the destination country of delivery. As an example, for a national sending of a letter weighting less than 20 g, the stamp normal price is 0,95 €, and 0,80 € for a slow delivery (the letter will be sent in 3 or 4 days instead of 1 day for the normal rate).

La Poste also offers an online service to print your stamps by yourself.