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At the crossroads of different audiences with converging interests, Science Accueil organizes several events throughout the year, dedicated to international scientists, new member institutions, owners, partners. . . a way to thank you for your trust, but also to allow you to get to know and participate in this generation of Science Accueil.

Events 2022

Evening “À chaque toit son label”
December, 2022

On December 1st, Science Accueil presented to its landlords the new housing labeling system and the guide for the perfect tenant, to promote their rental properties on the one hand and to guide tenants in their search for housing on the other. During this evening organized thanks to the partnership with Société Générale, the owners were honored, thanked for their involvement during the pandemic, and allowed them to meet and share a friendly moment.

Meet, Greet and Eat with AVF Versailles
September, 2022

Science Accueil is organizing an aperitif in a tapas bar in Versailles to thank our partner AVF Versailles and their members for their invitation to lunch with our participants in the visit of the Château de Versailles on March 13th 2022.

Events 2021

Christmas party
December 16th, 2021

The “Christmas party” that took place on December 16, as the final event of our “Operation Solidarity Students”, organized all year long thanks to the support of the Carrefour Foundation.
Thank you for coming to share the Christmas spirit and sing traditional songs. Happy Holidays to all!
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Celebration of the first year of Science Accueil in Versailles

October 19th, 2021

Councillors, representatives of partner and future partner institutions, owners and researchers gathered in a relaxed atmosphere under the patronage of François de Mazières, Mayor of Versailles, to celebrate the first year of Science Accueil in Versailles
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Events 2018

Meet, Greet and Eat with AVF Versailles
June 13, 2018

On June 13th, Science Accueil organised an aperitif in a tapas bar in Versailles to thank our partner AVF Versailles and their members for their invitation to lunch with our participants in the visit of the Château de Versailles.

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Handball challenge with Ecla
May 9 2018

On Wednesday, May 9, scientists formed a team in the colours of Science Accueil and participated in the Handball Challenge organized by Ecla Campus, in partnership with the Massy Essonne Handball Club. It was the occasion for Science Accueil to share with its researchers a pleasant athletic and convivial moment and an  opportunity to attend the professional Massy Essonne Handball  and PSG Handball match.

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Spring Afterwork 
March 29 2018

On March 29th we held our second Spring Afterwork, which brought together our newest members. Our evening took place in the beautiful Château de Button, at the CNRS,  the kind invitation of Marie-Hélène Papillon, General Delegate of the CNRS, accompanied by Christophe Muller, Deputy Regional Delegate.

The Vice-President of the Region in charge of Higher Education and Research, Faten Hidri, and the Sub-Prefect of Palaiseau, Abdel-Kader Guerza, honoured us with their presence and assured us of their support for Science Accueil. Through the posters illustrating our services, the evening was an opportunity for exchanges, meetings, and the occasion to establish fruitful links.

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Events 2017

The year 2017 was marked by 3 major events, including the 20th anniversary of Science Accueil! On this occasion we wanted to pay a beautiful tribute to all those who have supported us throughout the years. We also organized our first Afterwork, an opportunity to create meetings between our members (current and future), and organized for the second consecutive year our Salon Science Accueil (SALSA).

Cheese and Wine
November 28  2017

Every year, Science Accueil offers you the opportunity to taste the delights of Beaujolais (and other wines) and many French cheeses, during an evening that brings together international members, owners, a few partners and a few friends who support our action.

This year again we were nearly 200 at the Espace du Val de Gif, and it was a pleasure to see so many people delighted to participate in a culinary experience. Conviviality and the sharing of French culture were at the heart of this event. We would like to thank Société Générale for its generous contribution to this event.

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Summer Afterwork 
June 29 2017

It was the very first Afterwork organised by Science Accueil in the Château de Belleville. The idea was simple: bring together our newest members and institutions interested in our services to get to know each other better. So in a relaxed atmosphere at the end of the day and in a very pleasant setting, everyone took pleasure in discussing, sharing and meeting new people.

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Science Accueil 20 Year Anniversary
April 27 2019

On Science Accueil’s 20th anniversary, we had the privilege of celebrating this evening at the EDF-Lab Paris-Saclay research centre in the company of more than 200 guests. We would like to thank all those who were present and all those who supported us: the founding institutions of the association, banking partners LCL and Société Générale, the EDF-lab research centre. The directors and representatives of the founding establishments, the Paris-Saclay Agglomeration Community and the Region, took turns on stage to mark the 20th anniversary of the mobility program that is Science Accueil. This was illustrated by appearances on stage and speeches from 20 researchers using the Science Accueil services.

34 different nationalities were rubbing shoulders. A jazz band was present and gave the evening a convivial and festive touch. In addition, a trio of renowned magicians successfully hosted the evening.

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