Alumni Network

Do you want to invest more during your time in France with Science Accueil?

We are implementing a program allowing members to participate in our Alumni network. This brings together international scientists on the Saclay plateau that Science Accueil has supported.

This program has several goals that make it easier for expatriates to stay:

– Guiding scientists recently arrived in France, allowing them to meet and come into contact with members of their country. Science Accueil offers a mentoring system to give Alumni the opportunity to ask questions of members with more experience.

– Allow members of Science Accueil who return to their home country to stay in touch with Alumni from the same country, who have had a similar experience abroad.

– Allow scientists who want to come to France to find former members in their home country to advise them on their installation in France and to help them with administrative procedures.

Through this program, Science Accueil also offers to the most motivated Alumni to pay a small contribution to obtain reductions on cultural programs.

For more information, please feel free contact us

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