Support Program

Since 2018, Science Accueil has been offering you a free service with a professional who will listen attentively and provide you with advice and suggestions appropriate to your situation. These services are part of a larger scale program, the Reassurance program.

This program is intended for foreign students and researchers who are struggling to find their feet in France, who are homesick or anxious, who have a distorted image of France and its dangers, who live in isolated situations, who have difficulty adapting to the climate…

This program is divided into several types of interventions: individual interviews at the request of scientists, home workshops (at the request of residences for scientists) to help understand and complete administrative procedures, organization of sophrology sessions or discussion groups, workshops-conferences on security issues, in connection with the security forces and the gendarmerie, also offering a privileged welcome when needed.

Through the intermediary of banking partners, obtaining financial loans to help people in temporary difficulty completes this system.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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