L'art de vivre à la cour : Versailles

SATURDAY March 14th, 2020

On this royal day, travel through centuries of French history. Dive into the universe of Versailles, visit its magnificent castle, gardens and the ancient neighborhoods.  Enjoy lunch with a family from Versailles in their home. Next, discover the streets of old Versailles with a tour lead by the locals.


 Meeting point : 9:45am (access details to come)

  • 10:00 am : Tour of old Versailles lead by the locals
  • 12:30 pm : If you wish, have lunch with a family from Versailles in their home
  • 3:10 pm : Guided tour of the castle, visit the must-see Hall of Mirrors, the royal apartments and the beautiful garden
  • 5:30pm : End of the visit


* Morning visit and lunch time are organized by the “Accueil Villes Françaises” (AVF) de Versailles, many thanks to them !


  • Fees : 35€ all included
  • Payment at moment of registration


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