If you are a student and you are benefited from personal housing assistance, to continue receiving your assistance, you must contact the CAF if you are going to keep your student accommodation during the summer holidays!

To carry out the procedure, go to the site www.caf.fr:

“espace mon compte” (“space my account”)



or on the mobile app “Caf-Mon compte” (Caf-my account”),

Log in with your personal ID



I leave my home during the summer holidays to take it back in September. Do I have to re-apply?

No, you will only have to reapply for personal housing assistance at the start of new term  if you move to a new home. If you are on benefit, your CAF will ask you at the end of term in the My Account area if you keep your accommodation in July and August. If you leave your accommodation or if there is no answer, the right will be interrupted from the end of June.