Journal d’Alister 15

Alister’s journal N°15 “Special training” is published !

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The 2nd semester French courses have started

There is still time to register!

Science Home courses promote immersion learning by offering two semesters of 60 hours each at an affordable price. We offer courses in many locations!

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Trainning session on the welcoming of foreing talent

In February, Science Accueil organized a training session on the welcoming of foreign talent, at the request of CentraleSupélec, for its administrative staff in order to harmonize their knowledge of the administrative process to be followed for the scientists and students in mobility.
The three half-day sessions were dense but interactive and highly illustrated. The 27 participants left with a toolboxproviding guidelines for a large number of common situations.

ApogeeBio project

Europe has selected the ApogeeBio project presented by GENOPOLE and its partners to attract the best young researchers to the Evry campus.

Science Accueil is a partner in this project and will support these foreign talents in terms of reception, cultural immersion and career development.

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