The art of riding at Chantilly

Last March 31st, we spent a magical day in an enchanting setting out of Paris, visiting Chantilly castle, and its surprising exceptional collections. After a wandering in the domain, we were transported by a high technical level equestrian show. Top of it, the day ended with a delicious wafle with “Chantilly” whipped cream. See more

The art of fragrances

An elegant afternoon this Saturday, February 9th : an immersion in the magical and the captivating world of a perfume museum then we learnt how to create our own perfume with a professional “nose”. See more !

Les brasseries parisiennes

Plongeon dans le Paris d’Offenbach Samedi 19 janvier dernier pour les participants de notre première visite du programme “L’art de vivre à la française” : découverte d’un Bouillon, premier fast-food du 19ème, de somptueuses brasseries et de l’esprit des années folles sur les Grands-Boulevards…