Thesis proposals for the 2020-2021 academic year


Job description:

The CEA funds PhDs in its laboratories for high-level candidates. In 2019, the INSTN awarded more than 400 3-year PhD contracts covering the entire salary of PhD students (3-year fixed-term contracts with a gross monthly salary of €2,043.54 in years 1 and 2, rising to €2,104.62 in year 3).
In addition, the INSTN also granted more than 30 CEA part-funded PhD contracts (joint funding between a company, another research organisation or a French regional council).

Detailed mission:

PhD subjects eligible for CEA full funding and co-funding for the 2020 academic year are published on this website. Web pages are updated on a daily basis to include newly proposed PhD topics by CEA laboratories as and when they become available.


Applicants requiring any further information on a particular topic should contact the researcher whose contact details are featured in connection with the topic.