Permanent position


Languages: French (fluent)
Job description:

As part of the development of the biocluster, Genopole is looking to recruit a permanent director of Research and Global Infrastructure.

The mission of GENOPOLE (a Groupement d’intérêt public: a form of public-private partnership for missions of public interest) is to develop a competitiveness cluster for genomics & post-genomics research and biotechnology (personalized medicine, innovative therapies, computational genomics, industrial biotech/synthetic biology) in a setting of technological platforms and mutualized services.

Particularly, through its custom-tailored accompaniment, Genopole seeks to:

o favor the localization of research laboratories and biotech businesses at the site,
o enable the creation of new businesses,
o facilitate the acceleration of their growth,
o and attract new talent to its academic laboratories.

Today, Genopole unites 96 biotech companies, 16 academic research laboratories and 29 shared-use platforms and infrastructures. Nearly 2500 people work at the biocluster.


Detailed mission:

The holder of the post will report directly to the chief executive of Genopole and sit on the Board of Directors. His or her primary missions will be to contribute to the definition of Genopole’s strategy as concerns the site’s research laboratories and implement all initiatives needed for the development of research at the biocluster.

The holder will lead the Genopole Research and Platforms Team (comprising seven members), whose task is to strengthen research at the biocluster, attract new talent and develop technological platforms for the use of laboratories and businesses.

Within the strategic framework defined by Genopole and with the support of his/her team, the post holder will be responsible for deploying:
• all projects and all actions favoring the biocluster’s attractiveness and scientific development,
• and all tools necessary for the development of the department’s activities (postdoctoral allocations, incentive actions, technological platforms, etc.).

Toward these goals, the holder will be responsible for:
• proposing a development policy for the biocluster’s shared-use scientific tools and technologies (platforms),
• monitoring the development of the labs and the implementation of their strategies, in partnership with the biocluster’s supervisory bodies,
• establishing and maintaining relationships with other actors in higher learning and research at Genopole and Paris Saclay, particularly to strengthen research and propose new training orientations in coherency with the needs and policies of Genopole,
• favoring relations between the South Île-de-France Medical Center and Genopole’s laboratories and businesses,

  • developing partnerships with national and international entities to favor research at the biocluster,
    • and defining a communications and events policy, in close partnership with Genopole Communications, to promote the biocluster’s research activities and shared-use platforms.

Notably, as part of the biocluster’s evolving economic model, the research and platforms director will need to grow and diversify the department’s funding means, either within collaborative projects among the biocluster’s actors or by means of the GIP Genopole itself.

The holder of the post will represent Genopole in interactions with its partners (universities, engineering schools, training organisms, competitiveness clusters, etc.).


Genopole is seeking candidates, perfectly fluent in French (spoken & written), with post-graduate degrees in life sciences and significant experience (10–15 years) in scientific leadership or research administration, particularly in fields considered strategic by Genopole.

Candidates need to have significant experience in team management and a clear understanding of the functioning of French public research.

The post requires a good ability to interact with experienced researchers and/or laboratory directors.

Candidates must have a strategic vision, good relational skills and an ability to demonstrate reactivity and a capacity for action.

Finally, experience in multidisciplinary approaches would be an advantage.

o Full-time permanent position under private business law
o Hosting under specific public servant transfer and assignment programs is possible
o Post located in Évry-Courcouronnes, France

Please furnish by e-mail: Résumé, motivation letter, salary expectations, availability, and any letters of recommendation.

Academic level

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