Who are we?

Science Accueil is an organization that, for the past 25 years, has been a specialist in hosting national and international scientists and their families in the Ile-de-France Region.

Science Accueil supports research organizations : universities, higher education establishments, research centers, R&D centers, and start-ups.

Led by the Paris-Saclay Urban Community and supported by the Ile-de-France Region, Science Accueil is located in the regional and territorial scientific cluster.

The organization is labeled as a “Euraxess Mobility Center” and is a member of different mobility networks:

  • Réseau Access Paris Ile-de-France (7 centers and branches)

This network’s program is supported by the Ile-de-France Region, managed by the Cité Universitaire de Paris, an dedicated to the reception and follow-up of international researchers in incoming mobility. Science Accueil is the housing provider for this network.

  • Euraxess France (31 centers in France)

The members of this network receive the label of the European Commission for their contribution to the international attractiveness of the country.

  • Euraxess – Researchers in motion (505 centers in Europe)

Euraxess is a European initiative that brings information and support to researchers from all over the world for their professional development.

Science Accueil works on programs for both public and private collectivities, enterprises, businesses, and organization. Science Accueil does this in partnerships or on its own.


Science Accueil accompanies :

  • Members of academic institutions of Higher Education and Research and also entrepreneurship institutions (R&D laboratories, start-ups…).
  • Researchers, professors-researchers, and doctoral students, but also students, interns, and scholarship recipients.
  • Employees and associates of mobility in France.
  • The families of those beneficiaries.


1997: A reception institution for foreign scientists was founded, from a will of 6 prestigious scientific establishments  associated with the Plateau de Saclay Urban Community.

1999: Transformation of its status, therefore becoming an association (law of 1901) called Science Accueil, pioneering center, historically the 2nd in France. Contribution to the creation of its first Exchange of Good Practices network  with the birth of new reception centers.

2002: With its proven expertise, Science Accueil participates in the creation of reception centers for foreign researchers in the Cité Universitaire of Paris.

2003: Creation of a European network of reception centers for researchers, the Eramore network (later named Euraxess). Science Accueil is labeled as a Mobility Center Eramore (later Euraxess), by the European Commission.

2005: Creation of a network of French mobility centers, the BRACE, financed by the Region, which becomes the “acc&ss_Ile-de-France” network in 2012.

2008: Opening of the Science Accueil branch in the Evry University, accompanying researchers – and students since 2017 – of the scientific department of Evry.

2013: Membership of the Paris-Saclay institution, and later in 2017 of the University Paris-Saclay. Science Accueil provides hosting tools for international scientists in the Paris-Saclay facilities, extending over the south of Ile-de-France.

2017: Science Accueil co-pilots, along with the Palaiseau Sub-Prefecture and the Paris-Saclay University, the conception and implementation of a multi-services platform of reception, the “Guichet d’Accueil des Talents Etrangers” (GATE). Implementation of an information booth by Science Accueil (PISA) on this platform.

2018: Opening of a Science Accueil branch within the ECLA Campus Paris Property, a residence for scientific majors located in Massy/Palaiseau.

2019: Science Accueil is moving its headquarters to the heart of the Paris-Saclay cluster, in Gif-sur-Yvette on the Moulon plateau.

Over the past 25 years, Science Accueil has not stopped responding to the reception needs of incoming international scientists.

Throughout this time span, over 50 scientific establishments have trusted in Science Accueil for their membership, allowing us to fully accompany more than 30,000 scientists for free.

Help with housing by working with private owners (since 1997), French courses (1999), practical life and hobbies (2005), administrative help (2007), cultural visits (2009), housing renovation support and conciergerie programs (2017), summer schools (2017), invitation in locals’ homes and reinssurance programs (2018)… Besides the initial reception, Science Accueil is always developing new programs to help international scientists.

Founding members

Current Members

Over 50 institutions, alone or as a grouping of several establisments, are members of Science Accueil.

Board of directors

The Board of Directors is made up of 20 members divided into 6 colleges :

  1. Founding members
  2. Academic establishments of education and research
  3. Diverse businesses and organizations
  4. Honorary members and associates
  5. Housing owners
  6. Beneficiaries

The head office

Jean Bertsch
Jean-Michel Cassagne
Vice-president and Treasurer
Philippe MASSON

The office

Sophie Langrognet
Development Department Manager
Corinne Ollé
Administrative Department manager
Angélique Rousseau
Housing Department Manager
French as a foreign language program officer
Nadia Estrada
Communication Officer
Housing department assistant
Anne Rebesche
International mobility consultant
international mobility consultant
international mobility consultant


Our Mascot

One word on our mascot : Alister is inspired by a little parrot symbolizing exotism and personalizing the hospitality that we give our scientists by taking them “under our wing”.

Our local partners

1997: By the common determination of six prestigious scientific establishments associated with the Communauté d’Agglomération du Plateau de Saclay, foundation of a welcome structure for foreign scientists.

1999: Transformation of its status into an association under the law of 1901, named Science Accueil, a pioneering center, the second one historically created in France. Contribution to the creation of a first national network of exchanges of good practices as new reception centers appeared in France.

2002: Thanks to its recognized expertise, Science Accueil participates in the creation of the welcome center for foreign researchers at the Cité Universitaire de Paris.

2003: Creation of a European network of support centers for researchers, the Eramore network, which later became Euraxess, of which Science Accueil is a member.

2005: In the Île-de-France region: creation of a network of Île-de-France mobility centers, the BRACE, financed by the Region, which will become in 2012 the “acc&ss_ïle-de-France” network.

2007: Science Accueil receives the new label “Euraxess mobility center” awarded by the European Commission.

2008: Creation of a Science Accueil antenna at the University of Evry, accompanying researchers – and since 2017 also university students – from the institutions of the Evry scientific cluster.

2013: Membership of the Paris-Saclay Foundation, then in 2017 of the University of Paris-Saclay: Science Accueil is the major support for international scientists from the institutions of the Paris-Saclay campus, extending over the entire South-Francilien territory.

2017: Science Accueil co-pilots, with the Sub-Prefecture of Palaiseau and the University of Paris-Saclay, the design and implementation of a multi-service reception platform, the International Welcome Desk for Foreign Talents (GATE). Setting up a Science Accueil Information Point (PISA) on this platform.

2018: First season of the GATE, which will now open its doors every year from the end of August until the Christmas vacations.

2018: Opening of an Espace Science Accueil Massy (ESAM) within the residence for scientists, the ECLA Management campus, located in Massy/Palaiseau.

2019: Science Accueil moves its headquarters to the heart of the Paris-Saclay cluster, in Gif-sur-Yvette on the Moulon plateau.

For 25 years, Science Accueil has been responding to a territorial logic of welcoming international scientists.

Over this period, more than 73 scientific establishments have trusted and joined Science Accueil, providing free, comprehensive and personalized support to 30,000 scientists.

During this period, initial installation assistance services were offered, which have been supplemented since 2016 by numerous programs for beneficiaries, landlords and institutions:

  • 1997: Housing assistance package in conjunction with individual landlords
  • 1999: French language training with an external partner
  • 2007: Administrative support
  • 2009: Tourist and scientific visits
  • 2017: Housing renovation support program: “Rent & Restore” lecture series and “A Roof Without Tiles” competition
  • 2017: Summer school logistical and cultural support program, launch of the Science Accueil FLE school, Launch of the cultural program “L’art de vivre à la française”: 10-12 cultural visits
  • 2018: Implementation of “Meet Greet & Eat”, a program of invitations to lunch or dinner by locals and Reassurance and Listening program
  • 2019 : “A.M.I.S.” International Scientific Mobility Stakeholders Seminar, development of introductory lectures on France “If France Were Told to Me”
  • 2020 : Science Accueil Solidarité: fundraising for solidarity and organization of workshops during the pandemic, 1st Christmas menu – Christmas snack for international scientists unable to return to their country
  • 2021: O.S.E. ” Opération Solidarité Etudiants “, a program to help students in precarious situations as a result of the pandemic (grants and consultations with young psychologists)
  • 2022: labelling of the accommodation offered for rent through our platform (criteria to help future tenants choose)
    … thus, beyond the essential initial reception, Science Accueil is constantly developing new programs.