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To enroll your child at public school, you have to go to the children service of the town hall of the city where you will live in France.
You have to bring:
  • the passport of your child,
  • birth certificate translated into French,
  • your lease or other paper to prove your address in France,
  • child health book with information about vaccination. Your child must have those vaccines: diphtheria vaccine (antidiphtérique in French), antitetanus (antitétanique in French), polio vaccine (antipoliomyélitique in French).
    The town hall will indicate to you the school where your child can go. It depends of your address.
    Usually, children are 3 when they go to nursery school (école maternelle) and they are 6 when they go to primary school (école primaire).
To know the address of secondary schools (collèges et lycées), and have information about education and teaching in South of Ile-de-France, see the web site of Académie de Versailles.

For children less than 3 years: activity in Bures-sur-Yvette, on Thursday, from 9:45 am to 11:30 am

If you are a mum with young children this is the activity for you! During the year, AVF organises different activities and visits specifically aimed at toddlers and pre-school children. Come and meet other mums, make friends, share experiences and hopefully find answers to the questions posed by living abroad.

Information and contact: Francine Mathern - Phone: +33 (0)1 69 07 53 51 or Isabelle Segretain - Phone: +33 (0)1 69 07 17 33

International schooling in the area of Saclay Scientipôle

  • Lycée Franco-Allemand de Buc
    (Bilingual education French and German and French and English)
    Rue Colin Mamet
    78 530 BUC
    Tel : +33 (0) 1 39 07 14 20
  • Collège Martin Luther King (Buc)
    (Bilingual education French and English)
    Rue Colin Mamet
    78 530 BUC
    Tel : +33 (0) 1 39 56 47 48 or Parents de la Section Anglophone de Buc.

    The English-speaking international section at Buc (section internationale anglophone de Buc - SIAB), part of the Collège Martin Luther King since 1998, offers a schooling option for the English-speaking bilingual children in the area to the south west of Paris. It differs from "European" sections in that the children are assumed to be already fluent in English when they enter the secondary cycle in 6ème. Children in 3ème take the brevet des collèges with the international option.

    After, pupils can attend the Lycée Franco-Allemand, a multicultural school with many years' experience of bilingual education located on the same campus as the Collège Martin Luther King. A Première ES (economics and social science) and a Première S (science) opened since 2006, and the corresponding Terminale classes since 2007. The first international option baccalaureate exams (OIB) have taken place in June 2008. The OIB is widely recognised, including in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Pupils take the standard French curriculum in all subjects, plus a Franco-British
    programme of History/Geography and English Literature, taught in English by teachers who are native English speakers. The two subjects represent six hours a week in collège and eight hours a week in lycée. Mindful of the section's European spirit and its integration into the Lycée Franco-Allemand, all pupils learn German.

    The pupils in the section are drawn from Versailles, the Plateau de Saclay, the
    Chevreuse valley, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and the wider area to the south-west of Paris. They can use transport serving the Lycée Franco-Allemand to reach Buc.

    Since September 2008, an experimental primary school Anglophone section (CM1 and CM2) opened at the Louis Blériot primary school in Buc and at the 40 Arpents school in Voisins-le-Bretonneux. The current group of children includes a diverse mix of backgrounds; some from purely Anglophone families, some with mixed Anglophone/Francophone parents, and other from purely Francophone families, but who have followed an English language curriculum elsewhere in the world.

    More information:  click here

    Parents of Anglophone Section in Buc :

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Other International schooling in the area of Saclay Scientipôle: