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Science Welcome can help you

Science Welcome's contacts with private citizens, associations and people responsible for the running of residences enable us to maintain an up-to-date file of furnished lodging to let, situated near the main scientific centres.

The housing we have are situated in the towns of Saclay Scientipôle and in the towns situated along the RER B and C lines, in Paris, in Versailles and St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, in the area of Evry, Creteil and Marne-la-Vallée, in the towns very near Paris.

We can propose all types of furnished accommodations: rooms in the owner's house, small and large apartments, houses. Rent prices vary in accordance with the location and surface. In the area of Saclay - Orsay, the rent for a room is between 400 and 450 euros by month ; for a studio between 600 and 650 euros ; for a 2-rooms between 750 and 900 euros. We have family house from 1.200 euros. In Paris, we have rooms from 500 euros and apartment from 950 euros by month.

You must pay the rent the first day of your arrival in the accommodation and the deposit too. This guarantee for the owner is one or two months of rent. You'll get back it at the end of your stay and maximum 2 months after your moving if you leave the accommodation in good condition. The deposit never can be used as rent, even to pay the last rent.

The duration of your stay should be between afew days and 36 months, sometimes more. But the lease of furnished accommodation can't exceed 12 months and it can be renewed.

You will find all the practical information to rent an accommodation on the guide of Euraxess France realized within the framework of the "housing" working group in which participated actively Science Accueil.

As soon as your stay is accepted, contact us to receive several lodging propositions. For this meaning, you should complete the on-line questionnaire, or send us an e-mail to

If you book an accommodation of Science Accueil,
you won't have to pay fees.
Our services are free of charge.


Hotel residences

Science Accueil have agreements with the hotel residences below. If you want to profit by them, you have to fill our form. If you don't do it, the prices of residences will be more expensive.

If you need more information about residences and rates, don't hesitate to ask us by specifying the name of the residence which interests you.


Our partner residences:


- in the area of Plateau of Saclay

  • Residhome in Bures-sur-Yvette, very near Paris Sud University. Standing residence. Advantageous price for persons registred on Science Accueil.


  • Sergic
    First Appart residence in Palaiseau
    , close city center and Palaiseau and Massy stations, for students and researchers. Science Accueil can facilitate the access to this residence. To book an accommodation in this residence, you just have to fill our double form by clicking here.

  • Tulip Inn residence in Palaiseau,  close city center and Palaiseau and Massy stations. Standing residence. Advantageous price for persons registred on Science Accueil.




 - in Evry

  • Residhome in Evry, very close University of Evry and city centre. Standing residence. Advantageous price for persons registred on Science Accueil.

  • Tempologis in Evry. This residence for researchers and employees on business trip is located in a residential area of Evry. Advantageous price for persons registred on Science Accueil.


  • Les Estudines in Evry. Those residences are close the University of Evry. Advantageous price for persons registred on Science Accueil.


  • Arpej Bernard Barataud in Evry : Residence located at 650 meters of the station of Bras de Fer (RER D), in the middle of  the genopole of Evry. To reserve accommodation in this residence, please fill in the double form by clicking here.


Those new residences propose reasonable prices and facilities for booking the apartments, for all people who come from Science Accueil. If you are interesting, you have to fill our form or send us an e-mail to


To know your right and duty


Assurance habitation

A rental insurance is compulsory and must be obtained by the renter, whatever the duration of his stay, if you rent a non-furnished accommodation or an independant furnished accommodation. As a general rule, the owner will ask you to produce a proof of insurance (Attestation d’assurance). If you do not have one, he has the right to terminate the lease at any time. You are required to insure the rental property against so-called “renter’s risks” (Risques locatifs), which are mainly water and fire damage...
Ask insurance companies, some combine civil liability and housing insurance. There are mutual insurances for persons with student status which also offer housing insurance.


Kastler Foundation has negotiated a particularly appealing housing insurance for foreign scientists and PhD students. Check its offer. We can offer you this insurance, don't hesitate to contact us.




Accommodation on the Net

Some agencies and newspapers advertise accommodations on the Net. For most of them you complete a form concerning the type of accommodation required and they send a list of possibilities via e-mail.



You can also consult for hotels on the web site of les Pages Jaunes (Yellow Pages) with the keyword « hôtels »

Accommodation for students and other people

If Science Welcome can't propose to you accommodation, you can contact Héberjeunes:
Université Paris Sud
Bât. 332, 2ème étage - Porte 231
91405 Orsay cedex
Tél. : +33 (0)1 69 15 65 44 / +33 (0)1 69 15 52 52 - Fax : +33 (0)1 69 15 35 83
Mél :